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Download Assassin’s Creed 1 for PC  with adirect link from capture-site

Download Assassin’s Creed 1 for
PC  with adirect link from capture-sitel

Download the Assassin’s Creed game for PC fromMediafire in a size of 2.33 GB, now you can enjoy 1 or as it is said about the Assassins Creed, one of the most realistic games ever, which managed its wonderful experience and ideal atmosphere, in addition to To her distinctive idea and story inspired by ancient history and many other things.

the action and adventure game Assassin’s Creed in a short time to achieve great popularity due to
The Assassin’s Creed game takes you on a the twelfth century, specifically toDamascus, Acre, and Jerusalem, but what distinguishes it is that that time period was simulated in all its details, starting from the characters’ clothes, passing through weapons, to the shape and designs of buildings and facilities, which gives the player a very special experience journey to.

Information about downloading the Assassin’s Creed 1 game for PC:

Play style:

The player takes control of the game’s protagonist “Altair” who is tasked with completing are assassination missions for the Knights Templar, who are very important characters, which means that it is very difficult to reach and kill them in the of challenging missions, which several presence of many guards armed with swords.

Assassin’s Creed works with an open world system that gives the player complete freedom to roam and collect as much information as possible about the target, which allows you, after downloading the Assassin’s Creed game, to choose the most appropriate way to carry out the task, but the massive spread of Templar soldiers makes that difficult. This can be overcome by stealth.

Character skills:

The main character has many great skills that you can enjoy after downloading the Assassin’s Creed game for PC, such as the ability to use weapons, stealth, sneak, run, jump, climb walls, swim, hunt, fight with two weapons at the same time, and many other abilities that make the character qualified to perform the tasks assigned to her.


Assassin’s Creed contains amazing playing fields that are very close to reality, where the player can interact with almost everything that surrounds him, and the presence of the player greatly affects the surrounding environment around him, not only that, but it also contains a huge number of buildings that It is linked by many narrow streets and lanes.

More about downloading the Assassin’s Creed 1 game :


In each new mission after downloading the
Assassin’s Creed game, the player gets some information about the target’s personality a nature of the mission, but that information will not be sufficient, which requires the player to carry out a reconnaissance mission around the target to know its movements and the number and types of guards, knowing that some tasks include several targets such theft, as eavesdropping, or interrogation.

There are also lots of side missions that the player can complete besides the main mission, such as climbing tall towers to draw a graphic map of the city or defending citizens who are being harassed by Templars, and many other side missions in which the player gets upgrade items arms.


Assassin’s Creed 1 contains a large number of weapons such as the “Farren’s Ax”, which is a great damage and can be upgraded to several different powerful weapon capable of causing great levels, as well as the “Blacksmith’s Hammer” which characterized by its concentrated strikes, in addition to the “Death
Spinning’ weapon, which is An iron chain with a weapon, İs sharp metal blade fixed at the end.

There is also, with the download of the Assassin’s
Creed game for the computer, the “Petra Bow”, which is the most suitable weapon for clashing with enemies from long distances, and it can be relied upon to carry out assassination operations, but it requires great skill in use on the part of the player, and there are also several types of swords player with partial protection from enemy attacks and spears besides Shields that provide the
player with partial protection from enemy attacks.

The most important advantages of A downloading the Assassin’s Creed -game for PC :

Large variety of upgradeable weapons

-Several main missions and side missions as v well.

-The main character has a lot of skills.

-Highly interactive and realistic gaming .

-environments .Ultra HD graphics with realistic physics .

Direct download link click here

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