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Download Billiards game for Pc with adirect link from capture-site

Download Billiards game for Pc with adirect link from capture-site

Download the billiards game for the with a direct link , and w offer you links to download the 8 Pool game for Android apk and for iPhone ios for free, undisputedly 8 Pool remains the most successful among billiards games throughout history, sweeping popularity of more than a billion players free, around the world, challenges directly online.

The 8Pal game has a career full of success that extends to more than 10 years, its first appearance was on the Facebook platform, after that it was released independently on many platforms, the most important of which are smartphones through the App Store in addition to the PC version, this article reveals all the details for you About the game.

Unparalleled simulation:

An exceptional degree of realism that 8 Ball Pool guarantees you by a large difference from the nearest competitor, for example, by talking about the rules and laws of matches, we find that they an exact copy of the official rulings recognized on the ground, on the other hand, the sound effects inside such as the impact of balls colliding are not at all different from it in reality
The superior 3D graphics quality provides you with a more realistic gaming atmosphere .

online play:

The most common playing system in this version of billiards games is direct play on the net, in which two players face each other in one match, enjoy playing with friends or against players from different parts of the world, you can connect after downloading a billiards game for the computer around the world via a network Wi-Fi or through mobile data.

The consumption of the 8 Ball game from the
Internet is somewhat limited compared to games such as PUBG Mobile. The result of the match is calculated to the opponent as soon as the source of the connection with the other is cut off, so make sure to provide a stable connection throughout the period of playing matches, so that you can add others to the friend list and then
Sending invitations to play at any other time, not to mention the possibility of exchanging daily gifts with them on a daily basis, the accounts of
Facebook friends you find automatically on the game.

offline play mode:

When you are not connected to the Internet after downloading the billiards game for PC, you can still play matches against the artificial intelligence, and you also play against can yourself or against another player through the same device in a turn-based manner.

Text chat:

Pool provides you with the advantage of 8 communicating with other players while taking on challenges with them, through the chat window via quick text messages, you can write messages in Arabic or English and other languages using the keyboard directly, with a list that includes many welcome and encouraging sentences, etc.
You can send any of these phrases by simply clicking on them .

Profile personly:

Each player has a personal account and his own profile, these accounts are never the same in the user name, you can search for any player after downloading the billiards game for the computer by his identifying name on the 8 Ball game latest version, it is worth

noting that the players’ files reveal a variety of information about them For example, the current level, the profile picture, the number of matches he played and also the ones he was able to win, the set of perks and items he has and many other details.

Real tables:

The 8 Ball game is available on a huge group of official tables in terms of design and sizes. The dimensions of the table inside do not differ from it in reality, as well as with regard to the colors of the balls and the size of the stick, etc. The color of the table that witnesses competitions between players is automatically switched from one match to another, Which provides you with diversity and successive renewal in terms of appearance.

Billiard cues:

Once you download the billiards game for PC with a direct link, you will be able to visit the internal store and see all its contents. The pool cue is a very important element in 8 Ball Pool because it affects the results of the challenges. You get one cue for free by creating your account, and you also win more by Gift boxes, however, you still need to purchase more through the Shop Purchase.

A long list that includes dozens of varieties of sticks with truly exceptional shapes and designs, great diversity in terms of colors and decorations, purchase prices vary greatly, this difference comes from the reality of privileges and characteristics that distinguish each stick from the rest, such as strength, stability and so.

After downloading the billiards game for the computer, you can work on upgrading the items that you own, which adds to them more distinction at all levels. Each specific upgrade has a specific cost of currencies. The upgrades are done fairly quickly. You can upgrade the stick to several times that may reach to 10 upgrades.

Match patterns:

All real billiards game systems are available in 8
Pool for free, which puts several different options in your hands. We will not talk about the rules of each style. The game, in turn, helps you understand the rules through the instructions and instructions that it displays in front of you on the screen. Enjoy switching between these styles in any time you want.

Challenge categories:

The match is announced in the random search between the players after downloading the billiards game for the computer based on the choice of both sides of the match, by placing two players who chose the same amount of betting, the 8 Ball game depends on a system somewhat different from other billiards games, it provides you with different categories from Each other in terms of the prize that the winner gets as a result of the victory over the competitor.

If you choose that the betting amount, for example, is 1000 gold coins, then you pay 500.
Likewise, for the second party, the total amount (1000) is added after the end of the match to the winning player’s account. The categories within the 8 Ball game start with a minimum of 50 gold coins and reach tens of millions.


Tournaments that are held officially between users, any player has the right to join any of them immediately after downloading a game of billiards for the computer around the world as long as he is able to pay the cost of participation, to reach the final match of the tournament it is necessary for you to win all the qualifying qualifiers, without losing any match, There is no doubt that in the closing rounds you are facing players with very high levels of play, which requires you to stay at the highest levels of Concentration .

Friends List:

This list reveals to you all the people you have previously added or who have added you, in addition to your Facebook friends, a lot of information you can know from the name of each player such as the time of his last appearance on the game, as well as the time of activity, make sure to Exchange free coins with your friends on a daily basis.

-It includes two modes of playing online and offline.

-The advantage of communicating with .competitors while taking on challenges

-Official tournament mode with rare rewards for the winners .

-Possibility to play billiards with friends V .

-One-stop shop with hundreds of items .

-Constant discounts on store items .

-Realistic graphics and realistic sounds.

Direct download link click here

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