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Download Driver San Francisco 2023 game for PC with a direct link from capture-site

Download Driver San Francisco 2023 game for PC with a direct link from capture-site

Download Driver San Francisco for PC size 4.6 GB, enjoy driving up to 140 cars on the streets of San Francisco with the open world car chase game Driver San Francisco, chase criminals around the city and complete varied challenges To enjoy an exceptional driving experience.

many challenging missions with
Roam completely freely after downloading Driver for the computer in the streets of the city similar to the GTA game series, show your ingenuity in driving cars and chasing criminals as a policeman who is required to deal with organized crime, but this matter is not easy in light of the severe crowded streets in the city of SanFrancisco, not to mention the ability of criminals To shoot different types of weapons in some missions.

the Driver San Francisco is the only game in the series to include licensed cars, which allows developer Ubisoft to scan real cars as well as put the original branding on each car, resulting in an exact match between the cars in the game and those in the real world in terms of Appearance, acceleration and even the sound of the engine.

There are up to 10 garages distributed throughout the city that allow you to get the cars that you bought after downloading the driver for the computer, where you can buy the cars that you want to buy with the money that you get after completing the tasks, and each car has price that distinguishes it from others, as You can also upgrade your car fleet which needs more money.

Download Driver San Francisco game for PC contains a large number of great cars, such as
Range Rover, McLaren, Nissan GTR, Cadillac, Maserati, Lamborghini, Chevrolet, Jeep, Hummer, and a long list of the best cars in the world that gives the player an exciting and realistic .experience to me the lowest possible degree .

San Francisco City:

It is a very large fictional city divided into several areas in the form of small islands connected by many bridges, and it is distinguished by its many towers, gardens, shops, streets full of different vehicles, billboards, and many things that make .the city as close to reality as possible.


There are basic missions in which the player chases and arrests criminals in order to achieve justice in the city, and other side missions through which the player gets the money needed to buy and develop cars, in addition to opening new areas where some areas of the city need to do a set of tasks to allow you to enter it, You can learn more about the missions in the game after downloading Driver for PC.

All the main and side missions generally depend on the player’s skill in driving cars within the
Driver San Francisco game, where tasks require you to chase criminals, drive ambulances and deliver the injured as quickly as possible, or do some car jumps and many other different skills, which requires Of course, you have great great performance skills.

the shift:

You can move from one car to another very easily without having to get off the car unlike in previous versions, by pressing the Shfit + L button, dragging the map and searching for other vehicles in the same range and moving directly to them and continuing to drive, as you can do this
In most of the tasks after downloading the game Driver for the computer .

Graphics and effects:

Driver San Francisco has high-resolution graphics that highlight every detail, in addition to the visual and audio effects, which are all taken from reality, to give the player the feeling as if he was sitting behind the wheel of a real car, which was well received and praised by users after Download driver for computer.

-Includes up to 140 licensed cars

-Perfect match between the cars and the real one.

-A large number of exciting missions and .chases

-You can buy cars and upgrade them too.

-The possibility of switching from one car to v another with the push of a button.

Direct download link click here

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