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Download FIFA 2017 FIFA game forPC with adirect link from capture-site

Download FIFA 2017 FIFA game forPC with adirect link from capture-site

Download the FIFA 2017 game for the compute, it is one of the versions of the FIFA football simulation game series launched in 2016 and is the twenty-fourth edition of the series, EA announced many features of the game before its launch during the E3 conference, such as adding some new celebrations for many players and adding twenty special coaches With the English
Premier League clubs in their true form within
FIFA 17, it was also announced that the Japanese
League would be added to the game with the .licensing of many leagues and clubs worldwide

Information about downloading :the FIFA 2017 FIFA game for PC

New flight mode:

In this version, Electronic Arts announced one of the new single-player modes under the name TheJourney, which is a story mode in which the player takes on the role of Alex Hunter, a fictional young soccer player character in the game. This player seeks to make his mark in the EnglishPremier League In the beginning, you can,Choose any of the English Premier League teams to join, and then start playing in one of the attacking positions, whether it is a winger, striker, or attacking midfielder.

The player’s journey will begin after downloading the FIFA 2017 game for the computer in many confrontations with players and big teams in interesting events and wonderful dialogues.

Clubs and teams:

All teams that play in the Japanese J1 League have been added for the first time, and the teams that play in the Brazilian Premier League,Campeonato Brasileiro Série A will be added to the game except for Corinthians and Flamengo because of their contract with the PES game. The game also included five teams from the second Brazilian league Série B.

As for the major European leagues, they have all been licensed, and the download of the FIFA 2017 game for the computer includes all the teams that play in those leagues such as RealMadrid,Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, Napoli, and andothers, and certainly all theEnglish,PremierLeague teams, and even the coaches of the
English Premier League teams have also been added to the game, as well It’s with the national teams from Europe, South America and some other teams around the world.

This version, “FIFA 17“, witnessed the completion of the appearance of the women’s teams that appeared for the first time in the previous version of FIFA 16, and the Norwegian women’s national team was added to the rest of the women’s teams in the game.

Additional details about :downloading FIFA 2017 for PC

Gameplay improvement:

Many improvements have been made to the gameplay and the physique of the players’ movement, which has become more realistic than before with the download of the FIFA 2017 game for the computer. The game also introduced new attacking techniques in addition to the active intelligence system, through which the player will expand spaces, create opportunities for his teammates, and make excellent decisions.
Without the ball without the need for player control, this development is due to the game using its new Frostbite engine for the first time in .this version

New game modes in Ultimate Team mode:

Ultimate team is one of the most famous modes of FIFA 17, as it allows you to form your team as you want, recruit players in all positions, select the coach you want, control the plan and tactics of the game, and even control the design of your .stadium, clothes and logo of your team
The Squad Building Challenges style has been added, which are challenges to build a team with special specifications, and then you get a reward from the game such as player cards, chests, or even coins and experience points in the game.
Enjoy now with the download of the FIFA 2017 game for the computer for free, a distinctive football playing experience.

The famous FUT Champions mode first appeared in this version and is a multiplayer mode that is a tournament with a large number of players competing on the Internet and as you win more matches, you will get huge rewards that help you develop and build your team.

Features of downloading the FIFA 2017 game for PC

-High-quality 3D graphics with excellent visual and sound effects.

-Adding new celebrations for players, such as the celebration of Mesut Ozil and Paul Pogba.

-The game does not require high specifications to run it and it will work with excellent performance on medium devices.

-Multiple individual and group game modes, such as the Career mode, which allows you to assume the role of a professional coach or player.

-The addition of many real stadiums within the game, such as the Argentine El Libertador stadium.

-Realistic match atmospheres such as v cheering fans and unpredictable weather conditions.

-Voiceover support by a group of professional commentators in many languages.

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