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Download Poly Bridge 2 for PC with a direct link from capture-site


Poly Bridge 2 for
PC with a direct link from capture-site

Download Poly Bridge 2 for PC, it is a simulation and puzzle game developed by Dry Cactus that was launched in 2020 after the first part was a great success and won the admiration of all critics, the player’s task is to build a bridge using some of the building materials provided by the game and this bridge must bear Some vehicles pass from one side to the opposite side. The game supports Microsoft Windows computers and can be downloaded on lOS and Android smart phones, and you can download it for free on our website.

The idea of the game

It is a puzzle game that simulates the process of building bridges. Your goal in the game is to a bridge that is able to transport some ve from point A to point B safely without these vehicles falling or being harmed by any harm.This bridge is constructed over water bodies or tall places, and you must use materials The appropriate budget that you own, which changes according to each stage.

The game offers a unique simulation experience using real physics, or you can use custom physics to experience building on it, the player can create blueprints in 2D of what the bridge should look like, then apply this model with 3D tools and materials and put it under the real experience.

Game stages

Download Poly Bridge 2 for PC contains a large number of stages about 176 stages in di a maps and worlds, and those stages are dh d into four modes that we explain below.

Main Campaign is the stages of the basic game that includes 6 worlds, each of which contains 16 stages of gradual difficulty. The first world is Pine its mountainous design with the spread of green areas and bright sun. In this world, the player gets to know the game mechanics and the way to play and most of the stages are short, in The second world Glowing Gorge Things will change completely to a dark world infested with volcanoes, and here the game begins with the real challenge.

Weekly Challenge This mode was newly added to the game, and it is a weekly challenge that is updated on Monday of every week, during which many players from around the world comp the weekly leaderboard, Main Menu Levels Every time you open the main game menu, a random stage will be generated that you can Play it while browsing the list.

Workshop Levels This style includes unofficial stages and maps that some players have designed and you can try them for free. After downloading the game Poly Bridge 2 for PC, the player can create stages of his design and try them out or publish them.

Graphics and effects:

The game is designed in 3D with great designs in the Poly design style that adds a distinctive look to all elements of the game. The player will be able to control the movement of the camera and rotate around the elements freely and experience simulation in a 3D environment The game also.

includes a 2D workspace for designing the initial .plans
The bridge building game contains excellent visual effects, in addition to more than 31 distinctive music tracks with high-quality sound effects, as musician Adrian Talens collaborated to create unique high-quality sound effects for the game.

Simulation tools:

The stage includes two parts, the first is the design part and it is in a 2D environment, in y different physical factors are not applied elements that you place, so gravity will not affect them. During this part, you can add and delete elements and adjust their location, then after downloading the Poly Bridge 2 game for the computer, you can start the simulation here The second part comes in the stage, which is the experiment, which takes place in a 3D environment, in which the bridge is put to the test and the laws of physics are applied to it, then the vehicle passes from point A, trying to cross to point B, and at this time it will not be able to add or delete any of the elements and it is enough to monitor what is happening in the environment 3D, and you can cancel the simulation at any time and re-design or pause it .

Cars and vehicles:

The game contains many vehicles, each of which has different weight, speed, and characteristics, which will certainly affect the simulation, a your bridge will withstand these vehicles o Tot, the lighter the weight of the vehicle and its speed, the easier it will be to win the stage. The first vehicle in the game is the Ambulance Ambulance, its weight is about 28 kilograms and a speed of 5 meters per second, which is light compared to the Container Truck, which is a truck carrying a container loaded with goods and weighs 84 kilograms. The Dune Buggy is one of the lightest and fastest vehicles in the game, with a weight of 14 kilograms and a speed of 15 meters per second.

Building materials:

Downloading the Poly Bridge 2 game for the computer allows you to use many primitive and advanced building materials to build differenttypes of bridges, and each of them will cost you a different amount of money, and some of these materials will be unlocked as you progress
C stages and will not be available in the stages, and the cheapest and weakest material is
Wood The hardest material is steel, but it is very expensive.

You have to use a variety of materials to build the bridge according to the type of bridge and the difficulty of the stage, such as the floor of the bridge, which is only two types: Road, which is the normal road, and Reinforced Road, which is a more durable road. You can support the bridge with cables and ropes, which are materials that work under pressure only, that is, they must be taut.

-Offline single play in a large number of entertaining stages.

-The game does not force you to use one strategy or method to win, as each stage can be overcome in more than one way.

-A light game suitable for weak computers and smartphones.

-The possibility of designing or downloading v new stages and trying them.

-Compete with players around the world on the leaderboard in a competitive gaming environment.

Direct download link click here

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