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Download PUBG Mobile 2023 for PC with a direct link from capture-site

Download PUBG Mobile 2023 for
PC with a direct link from

Download the PUBG Mobile game for the computer with a direct link, the latest vers
Q the PUBG Mobile game on the computer is now available through our website, the most popular
PUBG Mobile game in the last three years, we review with you all the details and information about downloading the PUBG Mobile game for the computer and running it using the official
GameLoop emulator, in addition to The latest version for Android in apk format.

PUBG Mobile has won the acclaim of more than 3 billion players around the world of all ages. Online multiplayer battles with them carry an unprecedented degree of realism. Form your own team with your friends after downloading PUBG full of for PC and enjoy fighting team wars excitement. And bloody, 100 players fiercely compete for survival.


You have the right to create your new account in the PUBG Mobile game in more than one different way, the most preferred method is to regis Q a Facebook account, more options such ás
Twitter, Google Play in addition to the App Store, choose an exclusive name for your account, it is worth noting that your friends on Facebook are users of PUBG Mobile game They automatically appear in the friend list inside .

Character setting:

The next step is to customize your character after downloading the PUBG game for Windows 7 and 10 computers or smartphones, in which you can choose a male or female character in addition to specifying facial features, skin color and hair style from among several different options that .suit the different tastes of players

Communication with players:

Enjoy talking with your team members or even with your competitors on the battlefield in a high- fidelity voice through the microphone and headphones of various categories. A sound away from cutting provides you additional fun and unlimited excitement after downloading the PUBG Mobile game for the computer.

On the other hand, you find the advantage of text messaging through private or group chat windows, not to mention the long-mentioned of communication allow members of the alliance to voice
These means agree on strategies and plans and ask for help .among themselves Diverse Expressionism .

clothes store:

You can go to this store immediately after downloading the PUBG game for the computer and see what is inside, it includes several sections separated from each other, each section includes a wide variety of men’s and women’s fashion, the contents of the store are constantly updated, it is mentioned that some clothes re temporary or have a limited peiod

Innovative designs that you find after downloading the PUBG Mobile game for the computer, including pants, shirts, hats, masks, shoes, uniforms, backpacks, and many more, with countless colors that provide you with renewed looks, gold coins are limited to the ability to buy a few of these clothes, find out the prices yourself After visiting the purchase store.

The way to download Pubg on the computer is very easy. If you want to download a gam download a pubg emulator from the direo below, and after downloading it, you install it on your device and download any existing updates after running the emulator, and then you are ready to download Pubg by choosing it from among the games that will appear to you in the emulator and then The emulator will download the PUBG game to the computer and start playing it.

As for the explanation of downloading the pubg game on the computer without an emulator for free, those in charge of the game download site tried to find an alternative solution to dowplaad the pubg mobile game on the computer V an emulator and play it as if it was on the mobile.
We have not reached a radical solution without problemns so far, and we will update the article as soon as it appears at the time You will be able to download the pubg game for the computer with a direct link for free. Despite this, we provide you with a link to download the pubg game below, and you always find that the pubg game is free and a does not require money or a game .


More than 20 real firearms await you after downloading the PUBG for computer or mobile, rapid machine guns that are characterized by high speed in firing, the most used of which is the
M416 along with the AKM, this is in addition to pistols of about 5 different models, more classic guns with massive damage when used remotely near.

Naturally, you will find a group of advanced snipers after downloading the PUBG game for the computer specifications. Enjoy sniping your enemie Q snipers and 8x binoculars from very ong distances. Target the head area to cause the highest possible damage. Be sure to color your with varying capabilities weapons to get distinctive appearances .

About battle styles

Once you download PUBG for the computer, you have the right to switch between all available war systems, quick matches and bloody wars, the match in classic mode takes approximately 35 minutes from the start time, other confrontations end within 5 minutes, each mode has special features and privileges that are unique to it, the maximum number of Participants in the war is 100 real players, whether in the single or group play system.

Always make your goal to kill as many as as possible, as well as to stay alive for as long as possible. On this basis, rewards and points are distributed to players participating in o challenges. This is a little bit about PUBG N battles. To learn more, continue downloading the PUBG game for PC for free.


Download the additional maps in the classic mode after downloading PUBG for the computer so that you can play on thenm, many islands, cities and deserts with vast areas that receive bloody battles between players, these areas have hundreds of houses and multi-storey buildings.

Mountains with huge heights that you have to beware of falling from, you can move between the two ends of the city after downloading PUBG for computer or Android via ships on the beach or by driving cars and bicycles across bridges and bridges, this is just an overview of the playing fields.

Vehicle driving

Multiple models are available for each vehicle separately, the game has recently included helicopters as well as armored vehicles, y o drive these and other vehicles after downlog
PUBG for PC and Android, more cars with real designs as well as motorcycles and ships, varying speeds and various colors, take your team players and move on them quickly to the safe area rather than spending a long time on foot.



PUBG Mobile provides you with all the equipment, arsenal, etc. you need automatically after downloading the game for the computer Windows 7 in the battlefields, you find these aids and items in separate areas of the fields, which are abundantly available inside the buildings, bulletproof shields as well as headgear and bags Medicines, plus ample amounts of ammo, molotov cocktails, smoke bombs, weapons and more.

Royale Pass

It is a season that remains available for a period of 8 weeks after downloading the PUBG Mobile game for the computer. Each season come o a set of specific tasks. As a result e implementation of these tasks, the player gets special prizes and gifts such as clothes, dances, colorful weapons, etc. More rewards are granted only to subscribers to the premium membership in exchange for 600 UC .

Crew challenges:

They are official tournaments that are held time, between crews or teams from time to time, depending on the qualifying system for the final rounds. After downloading the PUBG game for the computer, any user can create a new crew and invite friends to join it with a maximum of 6 players in one crew. The tournament matches are held in Specific days and times, big rewards for the title team.

General settings

Almost everything is adjustable, from the quality of the graphics that puts you in front of more than 5 different resolutions, through the surround sound sounds, in addition to the sensitivity settings, more options in terms of displaying or hiding your character in your profile, learn about the rest of the preferences By yourself, after downloading PUBG Mobile for PC for free, choose the Arabic language, which makes it easier for you to understand the function of each option separately.

Download hack pubg for computer:

There are many PUBG hackers that you can download, including downloading PUBG hacker for the computer via the official website of vnhax VIP Loader, but our site does not support these ideas and does not recommend them, so it is not possible to download the PUBG hack for the computer without being banned, as it is a matter of time, and those in charge of the game will ban your account for a period that may reach For ten years, and at that time you will not find any solutions to recover a blocked account, so we do not recommend it at all.

-Driving various land, air and sea vehicles .

-Equal chances for everyone on the battlefield

-Communicate with players via voice chats

-An indoor store with thousands of items .

-Huge arsenal of real weapons .

-Abundance of competitors 24 hours a day .

-Fields look exactly like reality

Direct download link click here for computer

Direct download link click here for android

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