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Download Sniper Art of Victory for PC with a direct link from capture-site

Download Sniper Art of Victory for PC with a direct link from capture-site

Download Sniper Art of Victory for PC, it is
Interactive in 2008 and it is considered the first release in the series of famous sniper games
Sniper: Ghost Warrior, the events of the game take place in the period of World War Il and the player assumes the role of a sniper in the Allied forces who is assigned Missions in Soviet territory and Italy with the aim of stopping the advance of the Nazi forces and liberating the tactical shooting game published by City .0ccupied territories

The game was able to embody this war in an excellent way by adding the weapons and clothes that were used in this period accurately, and the player will be able to use a number of sniper rifles and pistols to eliminate all enemies, you can download the game for free via our website and it is suitable for Windows computers in its various versions

The idea of the game

The events of the game take place at the height of World War Il during the attempts of the military teams and units of the AlIlied forces to control the areas of presence of the Nazi forces, and here comes the role of the most important elements of the war, which are the sniper teams that work in secret to change the course of the war and achieve major victories, and you are one of them.
Your task is to use your rifle in sniping Enemies, eliminate the Nazi generals and take back the .areas occupied by the forces of the Third Reich

Downloading the Sniper Art of Victory game for the computer offers you a realistic embodiment of the conflicts and battles in this war from real areas and events. The game uses the FPS first- person shooter system to get a better sniping experience. It is always important to stay out of the sight of enemies and eliminate them from .afar

Maps and battlefields

The game includes many maps, each stage takes place in a location different from the one before it, and most of the battles take place in Russia and Italy, and the game uses areas similar to the atmosphere of Russia and Italy at the time of the
World War, where you will notice old buildings and bridges dilapidated by the war and destroyed vehicles scattered in the streets, usually it will be battlefields Open and spacious within rural or mountainous lands and the player can move freely in those areas and enter the abandoned .houses

A mini map appears at the bottom of the game the interface through which you can locate the targets and where you are on the map, so always be sure to follow it, and after downloading the
Sniper Art of Victory game for the computer, you can enlarge that map to display the places more .clearly and locate your targets accurately

Real game

Sniper Art of Victory is not just a shooting and fighting game, as it offers a highly realistic simulation of what a sniper is exposed to. When you open the scope, distant objects and targets will be brought closer and the periscope network will appear to make it easier for you to aim at your opponent, and shooting in the middle of that network will not be an ideal option in all There are many factors that will affect the trajectory of the .shot

The game includes an indicator for measuring wind speed and direction, which is one of the most important factors affecting the trajectory of the projectile, especially when fired from a distance, and another indicator for the heartbeat and breathing of the soldier, where the soldier must hold his breath and provide the greatest possible stability before firing to ensure accurate .aiming


Downloading the Sniper Art of Victory game for the computer includes some excellent weapons and sniper rifles, which are designed based on real weapons that were used in World War lI, and the two main guns in the game are the Karabiner 98k, which is a modern German sniper used in many wars, and the second is the Mosin-Nagant
PU Sniper is a handgun made in Russia and .considered fairly old

After downloading the old sniper game for the computer, the player will also be able to use a light gun to eliminate close targets and frequent clashes, and the game will provide you with the appropriate weapons for you before each .mission

Each of these weapons has a specific number of rounds, after it runs out, you will have reload the gun, which may take some time, so be load your gun before firing, and watch ou Tor running out of ammunition due to excessive use of the weapon and poor aiming accuracy

Many missions

The game includes more than 8 different stages in which you are required to shoot down a specific target, usually one of the Nazi generals, but that task will not be an easy thing, as this goal is surrounded by a large number of soldiers that are permanently guarding it, so you have to after downloading the game Sniper Art of Victory The computer will drop these soldiers first and then .advance towards your objective

Graphics and effects

The sniper game “Sniper Art of Victory” was launched a long time ago, but despite that it still features great 3D graphics, as the weapon design is realistic and includes all the small based on the design of the real weapon, in addition to the wonderful design of the maps and battlefields inside The game, which resembles the atmosphere of World War Il and the nature of a .the country in which the war is taking place
The game includes a distinctive set of visual effects such as the effects of shooting, injury, and others, and among the distinctive things is the slow-motion shots with the moment the bullet exits the barrel of the weapon and settles in the enemy’s head, which occurs when you aim with high accuracy at your targets, and certainly a lot of sound effects and soundtracks have been .added Brilliant

-Realistic simulation of sniping experience .using many guns

-A large number of missions and various .battles that take place in different places

-The size of the game is small and it works V .with excellent performance on weak devices

-A wonderful story of real events during the .Second World War

Direct download link click here

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