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Download the original Call of Duty 3 for PC with a direct link from capture-site

Download the original Call of Duty 3 for PC with a direct link from capture-site

Download the Call of Duty 3 game a size of 2.17 GB, here is the World War Il game, Call of Duty 3, one of the wonderful war games that is very popular thanks to its amazing features that give the player a realistic war atmosphere in all its details, as it got many important improvements that Made it superior to .the previous versions of the series

In campaign mode, the player fights alongside other Al-controlled soldiers against enemies in extremely intense epic battles, but what is new in play campaign mode with friends in online multiplayer matches, which creates An atmosphere of enthusiasm and .excitement to the fullest extent possible


The player’s weapon changes according to the type of mission assigned to him, as Call of Duty 3 contains sniper rifles, machine guns, rocket launchers and many other weapons, in addition to pistols, bombs, land mines, binoculars, etc., knowing that weapon models in general differ ne campaign to another Each army from .manufactures its own weapons


The vehicles are divided after downloading the
Call of Duty 3 game for the computer into two types, the first type is a group of unusable military vehicles that are used to support the forces such as warplanes, trucks, etc., knowing that all match their real counterparts from the vehicles that have already participated in World War II vehicles simulate and match counterparts from the vehicles that have already .participated in World War I

The second type of vehicles are usually vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns that are usable and characterized by the intensity of their fire and are very effective against enemy soldiers, as after downloading the Call of Duty 3 game, youcan play in some missions the role of a tank driver and in such missions you have to show
Your skill in driving through rugged terrain as maneuvering to escape from enemies’ .cannons

Training mode

The Call of
Duty a comprehensive training program that raises the level of the player, where the player is trained to shoot from several different shooting positions, and he also participates in virtual combat and is given many tips, such as how to shoot better or how to deal with Several goals at the same time .and many other skills that the player must have


In the campaign mode, the player plays from the perspective of the American, British, Polish nd
Canadian soldier, as the download of the
Duty 3 game for the computer contains four different campaigns, and in each campaign there are a number of tasks that he must complete, and each task has its challenges that distinguish it from others, so you will We provide a brief .overview of each campaign in the following lines

American Campaign

You assume the role of an infantryman named
Nichols who was sent with his colleagues to the city of Saint-Germain in France with the aim of controlling one of the important areas, but he and nis colleagues find it difficult to do so, due to the difficulty of movement in the battlefield full of trees and various plants, which constitutes a great challenge for you. To be prepared to .overcome these challenges

Polish campaign

You will play in the Polish campaign from the perspective of the soldier, Joseph Cole, y assigned with his squad to attack an ind area of the German army, but controlling the industrial area is not everything, as German forces will attack the city again with the aim of regaining it, which means that the confrontations .are extended and difficult to a large extent

:Dutch Campaign

Once you download the Call of Duty 3 game, you can take part in the Dutch campaign from the perspective of Corporal Bohater, a member of the
Dutch tank crews who are required to repel
German armor attacks, but if your tank is hit, you and the tank crew will join one of the infantry teams tasked with stopping the advance of .German armored vehicles using Rocket launcher

British Campaign

After downloading the Call of Duty 3 game in the
British campaign, the player assumes the role of
Sergeant James Doyle, who was parachuted into
France, and he and his colleagues were assigned many different tasks, the most important of which was the destruction of one of the fuel stores of the German forces, in addition to the liberation of a prisoner. Interned by German .forces and many other challenging missions

-Stunning and realistic depiction of the events .of World War I|

-You can share with your friends playing in .campaign mode

-Many cool weapons match their real-ife v .counterpart .

-Lots of usable military vehicles V .
-HD graphics and very realistic effects

Direct download link click here

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