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Download the original Medal of Honor game, with adirect link from capture-site

Download the original Medal of Honor game, with adirect link from capture-site

Download the original Medal of Honor game for the computer from Mediafire, compressed in a small size, a long history enjoyed by the Medal of
Honor game anmong the armies’ war games, and thus it is considered one of the most famous war games on the personal computer platform, it was the most popular during several consecutive years, all of them go back Middle Games releases are developed by one well-known company, Electronic Arts.

Among the most famous parts of the series is also the Medal of Honorq Allied Assault game, which also supports all PC operating systems,
Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and Linux The atmosphere of wars is exactly as it is on the -ground.

Despite the obsolescence of this version, it is still of interest to hundreds of thousands of players, if not millions. Many reasons have helped the game to remain competitive until now, despite the strength of competitors at the present time. One of the most important elements of survival is the operating requirements that suit Various devices, even a weak computer, in addition to the fact that the download size of the Medal of Honor game for ofthe computer is very small compared to the existing games .

Not to mention the simplicity and uncomplicated control, the tasks are clear and do not require further thinking, etc., the performance is smooth, ensuring you an exceptional gaming
experience without interruption or something like that, the coming paragraphs reveal to you more detailed .advantages and advantages

Information about downloading the old Medal of Honor game :

Distinctive graphics and real sounds

This version was launched about a decade ago to serve as a leap in the world of video game graphics. The graphics resolution was far higher than most war games during the same period of publication. For this reason, Medal of Honor was very well received by players. Everything inside is from Soldiers, war vehicles and battlefields that can inspire you.

More excitement and suspense awaits you with sound effects that are very close to reality. The audio effects in this version were and still are very acceptable until now. Arts has been keen to improve the purity of the sounds inside and make them sound as realistic as possible.
Talking about examples of that includes almost all effects after Download the original middle game such as vehicle engines, conversations between troops, the sound of footsteps and of course the sounds of bullets, shells, explosions and so on.

real story and events

The aim of the development was not only to launch a new war game on the PC platform, as
Middle of Honor simulates the events of World
War II, and in it reveals to you many details and scenes that occurred in that war, which witnessed the participation of very large numbers of countries in the world in a system of alliances, find out for yourself the most prominent These events occurred during your experience with downloading the Medal of Honor game for PC.


Arts here relied on the highest levels of embodiment, this is evidenced by the perfect match between military clothing in reality, and after downloading the Medal of Honor game for the computer for free, the soldiers here wear the official uniforms recognized in many armies around the world, the conversation is not limited to pants and shirt only, but Also extends to a helmet, body armor, boots and gear bag or backpack.

More about downloading the :original Middle game for PC :


Many areas witness an epic war atmosphere within the game Medal of Honor on the computer, all arenas with large areas to ensure players the freedom to walk and move around, dry desert areas where you will only see sand, rocks and mountains, other more lively fields that put you in the midst of buildings and camps and perhaps some homes.

This and other confrontations are held in armies war games after downloading the game Medal of Honor from Mediafire at sea through large groups of warships and boats, then you move to fighting in forests that give you landscapes that you lacked in the barren desert.

Military arsenal

Of course, the main reliance in Middle Games revolves around firearms. The designs of this element may be somewhat modest compared to ew games, but it is not that bad. Fight enemy armies through a wide variety of weapons such as machine guns, snipers, and rifles, and Middle provides you with more Alternatives are like bombs.

Of course, after you finish downloading the
Medal of Honor game on the computer and start playing, you will find that the amount of of ammunition that you get ensures that you will survive until all your enemies are killed. You donot have to worry about running out of ammunition during the confrontations, just as you can, after downloading the Medal of Honor game, take enemy soldiers’ shots after get rid of of them.

Different rituals and timings

It is very remarkable that the battles in Medal of
Honor are not similar in terms of weather, the weather conditions change with the transitionbetween stages, some confrontations are in clear weather while others take place in very cold weather with heavy rains, which provides you with a realistic war atmosphere to the fullest extent.

More variety and simulation becomes clear to you with the succession of night and day, the timing of battles also varies between morning and evening or between sunrise and sunset, facing your enemies in Medal of Honor during complete darkness is much more difficult than the morning challenges so to speak, as you have to focus more in order to hit your enemies then.

Vehicles and wars after downloading the game Medal of Honor :

Military vehicles

After downloading the original Middle game for the computer, there is a good group of real military vehicles waiting for you, not only in order to have a view of them during the wars, but also so that you can drive and fire missiles from them at your enemies, an example of some of which are armored vehicles that transport troops from a camp To anothe, in addition to the tank with a realistic design and long-range missiles, as well as warships as well as combat aircraft.

epic wars

Difficult challenges and harsh conditions capable of showing the fundamental differences between the levels of players in the armies war games, you and a team consisting of several soldiers are walking in vast lands in search of enemy forces, many threats and dangers after downloading the Medal of Honor game for the computer, for example, the mines located in many lands

In other cases, countless shells fall on you from the sky through warplanes belonging to the hostile army. On the other hand, there are barriers and bunkers that you and your army can take shelter in. After downloading the originalMiddle game on your device, follow the map and the clear signs on it so that the right path to follow becomes clear to you.

Some operations must be secret and hidden.When you and the rest of your army can storm the enemy camps, there is a fierce war waiting for you there. Ensure the safety of the members of the army to which you belong. It is advisable to watch the recorded videos instead of bypassing them, as they clearly provide you with what you have to do. , a succession of interconnected events that puts you in battles with different atmospheres from the first .victory or humiliating defeat moment until the end of the war, either with victory or humiliating defeat.

Pros of downloading theqq Medal :of Honor game for PC

-The weather and the timing of the battles .varied

-It includes a good selection of weapons

-Epic wars among giant armies

-Squares are no different in reality

-The game still supports online play

Direct download link click here

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