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PES 2018 for PC with a direct link from capture-site


PES 2018 for PC with a direct link from capture-site

Download the PES 2018 game for the computer , we offer you to download the original PES 2018 with a size of 9.45 GB, enjoy with PES 2018 on your your computer, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 with Arabic commentary compressed in a small size, one of the most successful works of the Japanese company Konami and is considered one of the most Releases to achieve revenue in recent years,
PES 2018 is an example of realism and technological
development in video game

Radical improvements witnessed by Pro Evolution
Soccer 2018 amid football games at this time, which made it significantly superior to its traditional competitor FIFA 18, to obtain a smooth and gaming experience that must be run run on with high specifications a
Computer capabilities, owners of weak devices face permanent cutting while playing this if Their devices could run the game.

Advanced imaging techniques

In this version of the PES 2018 download, Konami relied on the latest display and imaging technologies, which guarantees you a higher ever before, and the footballer’s faces now simulate reality by a large margin than before, and it is now easy to identify the identity of all players on the field, thanks to the simulation in the dynamics of movement and the style that distinguishes each of them from the other, as for the cameras and viewing angles, after downloading the game PES 2018 , there are more than 10 options available to you to choose from quality image than.

Crystal clear voices

The sound effects also witnessed great interest in Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 on the part of the developers. The talk here is not limited to the voice of the commentator on the events of the match, but also extends after d to the effects resulting from the transition between menus and options, and the sound of the referee’s whistle became more And clearer than before, add to the above the sounds of crowd cheers and other voices.

Clubs and teams for the first time:

contrast to the famous European clubs and teams that you are used to facing in PES soccer games, there are other teams participating for the first time, these teams return to all continents of the world, and PES 2018 also included some Arab countries teams, other than the names, the levels of these teams are very realistic in terms of lines of defense Midfield, attack and goalkeeping.

Player capabilities:

Once you download the PES 2018 game for the computer, you will make sure that the skills and levels of the players match between the gar and the truth. This match includes various aspects such as speed, dribbling ability, shooting power, the ability to extract the ball from the opponent, the efficiency of the goalkeepers, scoring goals through the head, In addition to the accuracy of long passes and much more than all of the above.

New commentary sentences:

After downloading PES 2018 for the computer, the famous Saudi commentator Fahd Al-0taibi undertakes the task of commenting. He is the only one to comment on al events from the start of the starting whistle until the end of the match.
The 2018 football games, specifically PES 2018, have new commentary phrases that were not included in previous versions, which guarantees you a lot Quite a bit of regeneration, while the AI ensures that your phrases match the action of the matches.

New match options:

As usual, immediately after downloading the PES 2018 game from Mediafire, you can control about 20 different options for playing preferences.
Before the start of the match, you can adjust many aspects, for example, the stadium you want to play the match on. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 included new stadiums never before. It has appeared in previous PES games, you have choose without an restrictions, realistic designs with an accuracy of absolute freedom to more than 90%.

the rituals, they also witnessed developments and improvements that made them more simulated. The speed of football movement on the grass is clearly affected by the condition of the ground, as it decreases relatively with rain and snow. The difference between weather conditions after downloading PES 2018 for the computer provides you with a permanent diversity in the weather. Matches in the morning or evening with the ability to set the start time of the match throughout the day, this is just a brief As for overview of the available preferences.

Continental cups and local leagues:

Download PES 2018 for the computer puts in your hands many tournaments that you can participate in through one team, choose from official or real tournaments such as the AFC
Champions League or the World Cup and many others, be sure to reach the final rounds and even win the title, you can continue your progress at offline mode, intervals Intermittent each tournament follows the laws and regulations approved on the ground.

More vibrant audiences:

The public presence in PES 2018 is no what it was in the past, as the presence of not limited to sitting in the seats designated for them only, the audience after downloading the game PES 2018 for the computer interactive than ever before, continuous cheers and whistles in many different situations, Fans İs more r .wear the same as the teams they support

You can observe these interactions in several different situations, such as scoring or receiving goals, in addition to the fateful refereeing decisions such as signaling red cards, penalty kicks, etc. In Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, notice facial expressions, states of anger and refraction when receiving defeat, or happiness when winning.


In the training mode, after downloading PES 2018 on the computer, you can choose any club and team to train with, and as usual, you can select the player you want to take direct free kicks through, as well as designate players responsible for corner kicks and other games with downloading the PES game 2018 for the computer.

You can play the role of the goalkeeper and practice blocking penalties, etc., with the ability to play a friendly match against a goalkeeper and some defenders. In downloading PES 2018 for the computer, you also have the right to practice .blocking players and other preferences dribbling, as well as setting the number of blocking players and other preferences.


Enjoy customizing the control method that suits you without any restrictions with Pro Evoian
Soccer 2018, with a single click With PES you can restore the default settings whenever you want, there are a lot of legendary technical moves after downloading PES 2018 for PC for weak devices and unique dribbles are performed by clicking on a bunch of different buttons at once, watch videos about that on youtube.


Enjoy playing against artificial intelligence after selecting the degree of difficulty among degrees that suit everyone from amateurs to legends of the game, set the lineup and game plan through dozens of options available for that, on the other hand, you and your friends can play a team match that includes 4 players together in a reality of 2 against 2 Here, 4 hand controllers must be connected to get a unique gaming experience.

With PES 2018, the coaches appear on the –pitch.

It has exclusive preferences and features v- previously mentioned.

It includes hundreds of clubs and teams from- .different continents.

Realistic atmosphere and its impact on- .matches .

Major improvements to graphics and sounds -.

A more lively crowd look than before- .

Completely free from any movement defects- .

View players’ earnings in the arcade-.

All-inclusive training style v-

Direct download link click here

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